Yoga Clothes: One Size Doesn’t Fit All


“One size fits all” is probably my least-favorite expression. As a 6’1” high-school freshman, I knew that buying clothes wasn’t going to get any easier for me as I got older. Age-appropriate, properly-fitting clothes were tough for someone with such a longer body than most. I was recently inspired by Dianne Body, because she is a curvy yogi who is unapologetic about her size. She is an internet yogi superstar and was recently complaining about not being able to find larger-sized yoga clothes that were stylish and fit well. This also comes at a time when stores like Lululemon make a definite stance by not providing plus-sized clothing as part of its “branding”. I was determined to go on a hunt for stores that carried clothing in special sizes: tall, petite, plus size… A yogi should not have distractions about what parts of their body are hanging out or how uncomfortable their clothing feels during their practice.

Tall Sizes

(thanks to Pretty Tall Style for some of these!)

Plus Sizes

Petite Sizes

If you know of more, email me so I can add them to this list!

[Last updated April 25, 2014; Blogger’s note: I have removed Lululemon from the “tall” section, as I do not wish to promote their company based upon their biases towards curvy women.]

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  1. Thank you tall yogi I love you! I so appreciate the help and support, I am going shopping

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