Well, it finally happened: that moment when I thought it had happened all over again. I had been sitting on the couch for about a half hour, and I felt a familiar tingle on the back of my left hip. It was that sensation of the nerve pulsating, and I was convinced that I had pinched it all over again and was doomed for another round of torment.

I got up from sitting and paced the floor of the living room, hoping that the sensation would subside. I had already convinced myself that it had happened, so I couldn’t gauge if the sensation was worsening, lessening, or the same. I was so fixated on trying to tell if it was the same feelings I had felt before surgery.

I immediately went out for a long walk with the dog to feel my muscles move as they should. It was almost like I was testing my body to make sure it could still function the way it was supposed to, even though my mind was already off the deep end. I wound up being just fine that night, but there have been several ‘scares’ like this but none that rattled me as much. My bandage is off and my incision is healing nicely. My stitches seem to have dissolved so it’s just the tissue on the outside that is visibly healing on its own.

For the next few months I will still have twinges in my leg and foot as the nerve continues to decompress. I get phantom pains thinking about certain things but I have already felt myself slump on the couch or stand with bad posture and I am so glad that I have the awareness to notice and correct it still! Physical therapy is not far off for me, and I am so eager to get back to different forms of exercise!