Keeping up a consistent workout routine can be hard on its own, but until April 2018 I’m also contending with a new element: pregnancy!

This year started off pretty rough with an injury that seemed to take months to resolve. Now that my back is healed and I’ve been able to resume normal workouts, Operation:Family is in full effect. With the blessing of my surgeon and primary care physician, we are thrilled to be welcoming our first child next year.

Due to the nature of my herniated disc and lumbar discectomy in April 2017, my physician told me that I would not likely be able to receive an epidural during labor because of scar tissue in the area. That being said, I’ve been working very hard to stay focused on my health during this incredible time and prepare for a natural birth (that’s the plan, at least!). I have never felt so healthy (albeit, a little tired) but I have an arsenal of supplies that are helping me through this that I wanted to share for any other mamas or mamas to be that might be in a similar situation. I’ve run all these things by my doctor first but please check with yours as well to make sure they’re the right fit for you


(I prefer the gummy kinds):



  • Vinyl Dumbbells for my workouts at home – I bought them in 8 and 3 lbs and have switched to lighter weights now that I am in my second trimester.
  • Anti-burst Fitness Exercise Stability Yoga Ball – used for some of my exercises but will also be good to help stretch and get ready for labor!
  • Kava Yoga in Long Beach for Prenatal yoga on Sunday mornings



I immediately went to the local library (yes, they still exist!) to get a few pregnancy books and the two I found the most helpful are:


  • Women’s Maternity Belly Band – Tall mamas know that finding shirts that are long enough is hard to begin with, so as soon as I had a belly my shirts were no longer bridging the gap between the top of my pants.
  • Women Maternity Belly Band Pregnancy Belt Support – this is more preventative than anything else. Once I start to carry my weight in my belly, I’ll want something to support my low back so I got this ahead of time so there is no scramble on the day when I start to feel that little twinge.


These are the items in my toolkit so far, but I would love to hear from other mamas, especially those who are tall, have had back surgeries, or who are trying to stay fit while carrying a little human inside them!