As I start the third trimester, the size of the belly and baby have changed dramatically week over week. Our April 20 due date is fast approaching, but it feels like most of the growth is happening right now! There will be shirts that fit me one day, and five days later I’m bursting at the seams (even though the scale shows normal weight gain).

I’ve already got a few must-haves that are getting me through this trimester:

  • LetGo: This is actually a mobile app where you can buy and sell things very easily. I have used it before, but I am now the Queen of LetGo as I begin to purge things from our house that we don’t need or don’t have room for as we prepare for the baby stuff to take over.

  • Bath and Body Works Body Butter: I have a few different lotions and body butters I have been using to try and ward off the itchiness of my skin stretching (though I’m not that worried about stretch marks themselves; they’re part of the territory when you have a baby!). My absolute favorite has been this body butter which is so creamy and it comes in a tub rather than a regular lotion tube so I don’t have to be ashamed about how much I’m using in each use. I use it after every shower/bath and before bed, plus it smells delicious. Honey Bonus: He got me this for my birthday in October, so I am especially in love with it!

  • BLANQI Women’s Maternity Underbust High-Performance Belly Support Tank – this was actually given to me by a coworker who had used it and said it saved her third trimester of pregnancy. The tank kind of reminds me of spanx but it’s got a thinner layer where your belly goes, and it provides a LOT of support. I have been wearing this under a lot of my clothes, but will also sometimes pair it with the belly support band I shared a few months back for even more back support. You can never be too careful!