I am starting to feel some soreness in my body now, particularly in muscles that have not been used in a while. My gait was so off for so long that now my leg muscles are starting to wake back up in the right places. I am standing a bit taller with my shoulders back, and also able to comfortably sit upright in a chair on my own.

This has been such an incredible reawakening in my body that every little thing is exciting, and I mean everything! I have had emotional moments while walking around my apartment in circles, brushing my teeth standing up, and dressing myself fully. I am able to enjoy the company of my mother as she totally spoils me, and eat with her and talk without being distracted by harrowing pain.

My body still seems nervous about the movements that would previously cause pain. I can’t let myself sit for more than 15 minutes or else I worry that I’ll have the pinching feeling of the nerve and the shooting pains down my legs. Mom continues to remind me that I need to pace myself, which I learned after getting winded from just a trip into the grocery store.

The smile on my face won’t go away. I am so thankful for the gorgeous days we have had now that I can go and experience them. My hair is longer than the last time I remember doing anything with it, and I’ve lost about 15 pounds total since the start of the year. I have slept comfortably and been able to roll to either side.  Sleeping on my left side had been impossible, and now is just as comfortable as ever.

Four days out I still have not taken any of the pain medication prescribed to me. I have not had a single pill for nerve pain, inflammation, pain management, or muscle tightness. My morning has started with just VITAMINS, and my stomach took about three days to final kick the anesthesia and painkillers from surgery day so I would consider today to me my first day fully drug-free, or at least feeling that way.

Today is an amazing, incredible and beautiful day.