Today is the first day that I fully feel like ME again! There is still some lingering nausea and headache from the anesthesia (seriously guys, that stuff is no joke) but otherwise I feel this is my skin! I got out of bed without having to overthink it, and went for a nice long walk with my mother this morning along the path above the beach by my house.

I think it will be a few weeks still before I start to move without hesitating for fear of pain. My mother says I have been wincing in anticipation each time I sit down. Part of me wants that cautiousness to stay for ever! I could use the constant reminder to sit up straight and avoid positions that are easy to slump into but terrible for a lower back.

Now I have begun thinking of all of the exciting things I will soon be able to resume. I know that my approach will have to be different now when I exercise (I am not invincible as I thought I was). In writing this out for the blog this will be a concrete reminder that I can come back to in the future when I get a wild inclining to be reckless with my body.

There is still no pain at all from the surgery, but as the incision begins to heal I am feeling the tightness of the strips of bandage that run across it. The muscles in my lower back are sore from getting back to work. I had been looking up recovery photos of others on instagram with the hashtag #lumbardiscectomy and found that most people bounced back very quickly. They had photos post op with captions praising their surgeon because they were in days of pain leading up to their surgery. I laugh when I read it, because things were so different for me. I was in pain and trying to find the right help for an entire season of weather and they were in surgery within a week. This has certainly given me better perspective on how I need to actively manage my own healthcare because the system and processes are not in my favor. I jokingly called myself Rip Van Winkle yesterday. I kept saying to my mom that I just feel like I’ve woken up from a long sleep and everything has changed and I can’t seem to account for such a huge loss in time.

I am currently accepting submissions of memes which include some mashup of me and Rip Van Winkle.

Rip Van WInkle