Before having my son this April, I had planned out my postpartum workouts with the expectation that I would feel as good as new in a short period of time. Following an emergency C-section that left me pretty helpless for the first few weeks, I was brought back to reality and reminded of just how fragile our bodies can be at times.

Now that I am nearly 7 weeks postpartum, I have been given the go-ahead to exercise again by my doctor. I wanted to share my journey, as I know a lot of other new moms out there are likely going through the same thing:

  • What happened to my body?
  • What will my body be capable of now?
  • And most importantly: how do I manage taking care of my sweet new baby and also take care of myself and my health?

I think the last one is probably the toughest… any new mom will probably agree that their first few weeks postpartum meant skipping showers, lack of sleep, and generally forgetting about yourself for a while as you focus on the precious new life that you’ve brought home.

Starting Monday June 4th, I’ll begin a 12-week workout program that you may have heard of before:  Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. This is a three-month long workout program that includes a variety of exercises for about 28 minutes a day. I’ll be modifying some of the exercises where appropriate until I feel comfortable that my back has built up strength again (read more about my surgery here).

I had a plan in place during my pregnancy, and wanted to approach my health and wellness the same way now that baby is here. Some of the supplements are still the same, at my doctor’s recommendation, but please talk to your own doctor about what is right for you! It’s also important to note that I am breastfeeding, so radical dieting and weight loss is not healthy for me or the baby right now.






I’ll be sure to add any other resources I find as I go, but my focus right now is to strengthen my back/core so that as my baby grows I won’t encounter any back issues.