My legs are STILL sore from leg day on Monday… the BBG workouts pack a punch in only 28 minutes! Tuesday and Today were LISS days, which meant walks of 35-45 minutes. My mom has been in town and today is the first day she is back home so baby and I took our walk by ourselves to enjoy the beautiful weather we’re having here.

Getting out the door is the hardest part, but once we’re out, we’re golden. The chaos of diaper changes, clothes changes (for he and I both), and then usually another diaper change… sometimes followed by another feeding and diaper change… mean that getting outside happens a little later than I originally planned but at least we get there.

Yesterday’s workout was arms and abs, which was a little challenging considering that I still have some exterior numbness above my c-section incision and a serious disconnect with my core these days. Mountain climbers were nearly impossible, so I modified onto my knees and incorporated some side-planks on my elbows for the obliques and 10-second crunch holds that my physical therapist has me doing. Again, my goal has been to just KEEP MOVING. I don’t have any qualms about modifying the workout plan as long as it feels safe for my body yet still a challenge.

Tomorrow’s workout is optional but I plan to do it anyway, and is a total body workout with exercises for arms, abs, and legs. It feels good to have some structure to our day by planning out my exercise time!

Also, I made sure that our walk today included a little history lesson regarding the legends of rap music. Hip Hop Friday can be celebrated any day of the week now that I’m on maternity leave!