Week four of BBG has begun, and I’ve become a little liberal with my workout regimen. Don’t worry – I haven’t given up! Instead, I’ve been substituting some workouts with Fit4Mom workouts in the Long Beach area. A friend referred me to Fit4Mom, which has workout programs for pregnant moms, moms with strollers, and postpartum moms solo. I started taking the stroller workout classes so that baby and I could have a regular schedule and a reason to get ourselves out of the house each day.

Workouts with Fit4Mom include running, barre-style moves, and HIIT throughout the beautiful parks in the LBC. On days when we miss class due to a doctor visit (or something), we we’ll resume the BBG workouts at home. Those days often look like this: in the early afternoon when baby is starting to get sleepy, I’ll prop him up in his boppy pillow and let him nap while I do my 28 minutes of BBG on a workout mat beside him. I huff and puff and sweat while he snoozes happily.

Once I head back to work at the end of July, I’ll be back to just BBG as the Fit4Mom classes are during work hours Monday to Friday (but I can still continue Saturday morning classes!). The Saturday classes are open to family members, so Maverick and I got Dad to come along for this last Saturday’s workout.