Currently I have a nursing baby in my left arm, and am typing on a laptop propped up on the bed with my right arm. This sort of multitasking is one of the new mom skills I have recently acquired, and my workout was pretty similar: baby was napping when I started my workout, and halfway through was relocated to be in his high chair and watch me sweat.

I had a few milestones towards the end of last week that I am celebrating:

  • I ran: It was only two blocks, but on a walk back from the farmer’s market with baby I was feeling energized and jogged the last two streets home. I haven’t run in nearly a year!
  • Burpees: I was nervous about doing these because my core felt so weak but I managed to crank out a few in today’s workout
  • First haircut since baby: I can’t tell you how refreshed and confident I felt after getting a much-needed haircut

Of course, it wasn’t all perfect. I had some difficulty eating well over the weekend, but I didn’t let it discourage a good start today. A few new tools/resources that I have been using are:

Looking forward to a great second week!