Holy cow! Today I started the Kayle Itsines Bikini Body Guide and did four 7-minute sets of intense leg circuits. Baby was down for an unexpectedly long and uneventful nap which gave me uninterrupted time. There were a few exercises that I knew I would not be able to do either due to space restrictions, or limited mobility from my c-section scar so I improvised to ensure I was CONSTANTLY moving for all of those 28 minutes.

For example: instead of burpees with full kickback of legs (my core isn’t there yet!), I walked them back from tabletop position. Instead of walking lunges (I don’t have a long enough room to do them walking), I did stationary lunges with weights on each side.

I found myself trying to speed through the exercises at first to see how many rounds I could do in seven minutes, but then reminded myself that form was more important than reps. My squats weren’t as low as before my pregnancy, and my legs felt like jelly halfway through, but I finished! Day one is done, and I’m looking forward to sore legs tomorrow.