Six weeks since surgery and it already feels like another lifetime. I have plans to resume workouts with an amazing trainer who I worked with a few years ago.

There is still a small tendril of the end of my stitches that sticks out of the top of my scar. My daily walking goal is up to 4.5 miles, and this Saturday I will walk my second 10K since surgery (the first was May 13).

My final follow up with my surgeon is this Friday, and I am so eager to close this chapter in my life. This past weekend I saw a friend who has had not one, but TWO discectomy surgeries AND a fusion in her lifetime and she gave me some great advice: don’t hold on to the story forever. While I am currently “Jessica, recovering from back surgery” that will (and needs to be) eventually old news. I don’t want to be “Jessica with back problems” forever. I want to be “Jessica” without any story or weakness. I am already on my way!