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TallGirl Yogi: Encouraging fitness for everyBODY.

Who am I? Jessica Rienecker (the TallGirl Yogi) is 6’1″ (yes, really!) and is the voice of the blog

Bio: As a tall female, I realized early on that the expression “one size fits all” would never apply to me. Furniture, food portions, clothes, and public transportation never seemed to be the right fit! My size wound up being a blessing in disguise: I have a personality as big as my body, which translated into a successful career in the corporate world. Years at a desk contributed to weight gain in my adult life. When I finally found yoga in 2009, I found a way to address my emotions, physical fitness, and eating habits all through one practice. I’ve lost over fifty pounds since that year, and yoga has become a great balance for my work life! Although I obtained my 200-RYT certification in 2013, I consider myself an eternal student. I believe that yoga is for everyBODY and every fitness level! As of April 2017 I am also part of the lumbar discectomy club, having had part of a lumbar disc removed after it had ruptured in January of the same year.

What you’ll find here: TallGirl Yogi is a lighthearted approach to yoga for the average yogi. You’ll find product reviews, interesting news articles, and tips to help yogis of all fitness and interest levels improve upon their practice. Additionally, there is a focus on using yoga as therapy to recover from my back surgery. Please consult a medical professional before starting any new exercise program!

Want to know more?  Check out my formal resume, or the brands I’ve worked with via my product reviews.

Disclaimer: My views are my own, and not the views of my employer. My employers do not encourage, endorse, contribute to or edit any posted information.

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